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SiC and Si

BLOG: The Transition from Si to SiC in Power Electronics

Integrating X-Band Radar

Integrating X-Band Radar for Next-Level Detection and Imaging


750V / 58mOhm, SiC FET, G4, TOLL from Qorvo


750V / 44mOhm, SiC FET, G4, TOLL from Qorvo


750V / 33mOhm, SiC FET, G4, TOLL from Qorvo


750V / 23mOhm, SiC FET, G4, TOLL from Qorvo

Programmable Power Management

Programmable Power Management Provides Ultimate Flexibility

EV Charging Image

Qorvo;s SiC UJ4SC075009B7S automotive-qualified 750V SiC FET

EV Charging

Qorvo’s UF4SC120023B7S 1200 V, 23 mohm SiC FET (EV Charging/ PV Inverters)


Qorvo’s UJ4SC075009B7S 750 V, 9 mohm SiC FET

Stavking Batteries

Qorvo’s PAC25140 Stacking Battery Management Device


Design Challenges for Brushless DC Motors and Their Drives

PMICs Provide Flexibility

White Paper: PMICs Provide Flexibility

SiC for auto

Silicon Carbide (SiC) FETs for Automotive Applications

Intro to Simulationj

Qorvo Introduction to Simulation in QSPICE


Qorvo White Paper Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Qorvo Machine Learning in Power Management Systems


New Product by Qorvo: SiC UJ4SC075009B7S


Qorvo Exhibiting at APEC


Qorvo Blog….The Transition from Si to SiC in Power Electronics


Design Challenges and Considerations for Brushless DC Motors and Their Drives


Qorvo PAC25140 10S-20S Intelligent BMS with Integrated MCU and Cell Balancing

qorvo Using Intelligent Battery Management

Using Intelligent Battery Management to Optimize System Performance

qorvo act88760 video intro image

Powerful Multi-time Programmable COT PMIC by Qorvo


Powering-up & down GaN Power Amplifiers with Power Management Modules

Qorvo 150kW Traction inverter design

Qorvo 150kW Traction Inverter Design

TP44200NM news (1)

650V GaN Power IC, TP44200NM, GaN Power FET with monolithically integrated driver

unitedsic top blogs nov 22 news

Top UnitedSiC Blog Posts to Help with Your Power Design Challenges

ideal semiconductor switch news (1)

The Challenges of an Ideal Semiconductor Switch

power up webinar news

On-Demand Webinar Series: Avnet-Silica /POWER UP

Gen 4 SiC FETS news

Gen 4 SiC FETs

Qorvo design summit22 news

Qorvo’s Design Summit 2022 – Now available on demand

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