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1.8mW – 1200V SiC Cascode

1.8mW – 1200V SiC Cascode

UF3SC120002SNS by USCi.


United Silicon Carbide’s cascode products co-package its high-performance F3 SiC fast JFETs with a cascode optimized MOSFET to produce the only standard gate drive SiC device in the market today. This device is ideally suited for circuit breaker, solid state switch and synchronous rectification applications, using a standard gate drive, and providing very high current capability in the familiar SOT227 footprint. The baseplateless construction with advanced internal packaging provides very low thermal impedence.


  • Typical on-resistance RDS(on),typ of 1.8mW
  • Maximum operating temperature of 175°C
  • Excellent reverse recovery
  • Low intrinsic capacitance
  • Low thermal resistance
  • ESD protected, HBM class 2
  • SOT227 package for high current handling

Typical Applications:

  • EV charging
  • Synchronous rectifiers
  • Solid state circuit breakers
  • Solid state load switch
  • Motor drives
  • Induction heating

UF3SC120002SNS maximumratings


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