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ActiveCiPS: Configurable Intelligent Power Management Solutions

ActiveCiPS: Configurable Intelligent Power Management Solutions

Industry-leading, configurable, intelligent power management solutions

Learn about the system-wide benefits of configurable power management and the programmable features of the ActiveCiPS intelligent power management solutions in this Chalk Talk from EE Journal.

Hear Qorvo’s Yael Coleman explain more.

The ActivePMIC Family

The company’s portfolio of analog and mixed-signal SoCs includes the ActivePMlC family of scalable power management integrated circuits designed for charging and powering embedded digital control systems for industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

ActivePMlC solutions integrate best-in-class power conversion with intelligent system management. Further, the unique architecture of these products enables battery charging as an integral function within the product family. Some of the applications powered by these ActivePMlC solutions include:

  • Application processors, memory and peripherals in advanced portable devices such as smart watches, wearables, POS terminals, e-Books, portable media players and tablet PCs
  • Other consumer/industrial electronics such as human-machine interfaces (HMI), control panels, smart grid infrastructures, network gateways, M2M systems, 2D barcode scanners, barcode printers and machine vision equipment
  • Home and commercial building automation
  • Fitness and health devices

Industry’s Highest Degree of User-Configurable Customization

Each product is configurable through I2C communications or non-volatile configuration matrix. The following represents an example of the individual parameters that can be customized to meet the needs of your application:

  • Buck/LD0 output voltage – 0.6V to 4V in 12.5mV steps
  • Buck 1: DC-DC converter mode or bypass mode
  • Multiple sleep modes Power on/off sequencing
  • Turn on/off delay: 0mS to 2mS in 0.5mS steps
  • GPI0 configuration: soft/hard reset, interrupt, configurable sequencing/control for external supply rails, LED sinks
  • Operation frequency: 1.125 MHz or 2.25 MHz
  • Optimized control loop for different output cap values PFM/PWM mode
  • Clock phase – 0 or 180 degrees
  • Low EMI or high efficiency switching rate Internal output pull-down resistor
  • Flexible ON/Off control signaling — choose between various power state signals available to make power up sequencing highly configurable
  • Enable or disable power good signaling to control ON/OFF operation for other tiles
  • Dynamic voltage scaling slew rate
  • Current limits, VIN OV

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