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Find your FET match with FET-Jet Calculator 2.0

Find your FET match with FET-Jet Calculator 2.0

Evaluating and identifying the optimal SiC FET for your high-performance power design just got easier. The new FET-Jet Calculator version 2.0 now supports 26 unique power topologies, instant bar charts showing losses and efficiency data, gate drive and snubber recommendations, and downloadable design data. That’s just one more way UnitedSiC is making “easy” the new norm for SiC device selection.


  • Easily evaluate the full range of UnitedSiC FETs and diodes
  • AC/DC, DC/DC (non-isolated), DC/DC (isolated)
  • Support for 26 unique power topologies
  • Supports CCM and BCM conduction modes
  • Provides results to facilitate fundamental design decisions including:
  • Instant bar chart results for both losses and efficiency data
  • Optimal gate drive and snubber recommendations
  • Junction temperature
  • Current stress levels
  • Number of devices in parallel
  • Design results available as PDF download
  • Includes new 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs
  • No registration required


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