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K36 Series DC Power Film Capacitor

K36 Series DC Power Film Capacitor

The K36 Series has been developed for demanding industrial applications such as inverters for wind power and solar power, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, SVG, Inverter, UPS, Welding machines.

Main Features:

  • Working voltage extension respect to standard Kendeil’s DC Link Power Film series (from 600V to 4000V).
  • Useful life of 100.000h at 85°C
  • Full insulated chassis (UL approved).
  • Designed to maximize the insulation properties through a new capacitor’s cover
  • Low capacitance value versus ground
  • Achieve an high level of capacitance density in compare to the volume.
  • Offer a mechanical design suitable for the application of our end customers.

Download the full specification PDF here.