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Kendeil offer 35 years of experience in manufacturing high quality large can aluminium electrolytic capacitors and power film capacitors.

As the Australian and New Zealand distributor, Power Components are your source for Kendeil Group power electronic components.

Kendeil are a European manufacturer with their own aluminium foil plant to ensure continuity and control of their supply chain. For their end customers this translates to confidence in lead time and capability in a diverse off the shelf portfolio and custom design capability.

Capacitors from Kendeil should considered a readily available drop in replacement or cost effective high spec supplier for a diverse requirement-

  • large can aluminium screw terminal
  • Snap in PCB style
  • DC power film
  • motor start

These products are made with advanced equipment, integrated technologies and advanced production processes, which are regularly updated to meet the highest international standards in performances and quality.

Download the Kendeil catalogue here.

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