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Kendeil’s new modular electrolytic capacitors

Kendeil’s new modular electrolytic capacitors

Kendeil’s K1M and K2M Modular Electrolytic Capacitors have incredible features compared to standard electrolytic and film capacitors.

This new technology has been developed for demanding industrial applications such as high ripple current motor drives, power supplies and special converters.


  • Working voltage extension respect to standard electrolytic capacitors (from 500V to 1200V).
  • Useful life of 15.000h at 85°C (K1M) and 5.000h at 105°C (K2M)
  • Achieve a max ripple current of 250 Arms in order to obtain capacitors suitable for the typical filtering scope.
  • Full insulated chassis (UL approved).
  • Designed to maximize heat dissipation by heat sink or fluid cooler
  • Low capacitance value versus ground
  • Achieve an high level of capacitance density in compare to the volume.

The modular capacitors K1M – K2M, represent the apex of the electrolytic capacitors to maximize the performance to unprecedented levels in term of working voltage, miniaturization and control of parasitic parameters such as resistance and series inductance.

Temperature range  -40°C +85°C  -40°C +105°C
Useful life (hours)  15,000 h @ 85°C  5,000 h @ 105°C
Voltage (Vdc) 500 to 1200 Vdc 500 to 1000 Vdc
Capacitance 2500 to 15000µF 3300 to 14000µF
Dimensions LxDxH (mm) 293.0 x 123.5 x 113.5 293.0 x 123.5 x 113.5

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