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MGT rolls out its 650V GaN FETs portfolio in normally-on and normally-off configuration.

In contrast to silicon based MOSFETS, gallium nitride offers more efficient electron conductivity and a significantly higher electric field strength. With the demand for electronic devices to become ever smaller, lighter, and more efficient, with higher performance at same time, our GaN transistors are ideal players under such environments.

With the GPT65C0YME and GPT65O5XMA, MGT is presenting its first 650V GaN FETs with 230mΩ respectively 1Ω typical RDSon in compact DFN8080 (GPT65C0YME) and DFN5060 (GPT65O5XMA) SMD package.

In addition, the extremely low gate charges of 16nC (GPT65C0YME) or 7.5nC (GPT65O5XMA) reduce switching losses and makes it possible to work with very high switching frequencies, which saves energy and increases efficiency dramatically.

Both GaN FETs are ideal as primary switches in high-switching battery chargers, power adapters, LED lighting power supplies, wireless power devices, AC/DC or DC/DC converters and class D amplifiers.


  • SMD Type
  • Normally off device
  • Easy to drive with standard MOSFET driver
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level – MSL 3
  • Ultra-low QRR and very robust design
Drain-Source Voltage: 650V 650V
Transient Drain-Source Voltage: 800V 800V
Drain-Source On-State Resistance: 230mΩ
Typical Total Gate Charge: 16nC 7.5nC
Continuous Drain Current: 6A 1.6A
Size: 8mm x 8mm 5mm x 6mm
Package: DFN8080 DFN5060

GPT65C0YME – view datasheet here.

GPT65O5XMA – view datasheet here.