power components


Power Components is pleased to announce we are now a supplier of Emiltrafo, Electrical transformers.


Industrial Automation

emiltrafo industrial applications

emiltrafo industrial applications2

UL Approved Series

Emiltrafo UL approved series

Railways Signaling

Emiltrafo railway signals

Industrial Electronic and UPS

emiltrafo industrial electrnic and ups

Medical Applications

emiltrafo medical apps

Special Transformers / Products

Emiltrafo special transformers

Emiltrafo special transformers2



UWB Delivers a Smoother Ride

Micro-location is essential to digitalizing industrial operations through Industry 4.0, smart factory and LEAN initiatives. Industry strives for two goals – process optimization and safety.

Qorvo at IMS 2024

Discover solutions for SATCOM, defense, aerospace and 5G infrastructure. As systems and applications become more complex, Qorvo’s expertise and high-performance solutions helps you integrate, innovate

1200V, SiC FETs from Qorvo

Announcing the latest additions to Qorvo’s innovative RF and power portfolio of SiC FETs, which serve a wide range of EV charging, onboard chargers, energy

SiC FET 1200V, 70mOhm Qorvo

The UF4C120070B7S from Qorvo is a 1200V, 72mohm G4 SiC FET. It is based on a unique ‘cascode’ circuit configuration, in which a normally-on SiC