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Power Components Partners with Techsem

Power Components Partners with Techsem

TECH Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (TECHSEM) is a manufacturer specialising in developing, producing and selling power semiconductor devices.

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Thyristor / Diode Discretes:

The power capsule devices made by TECHSEM include phase-control thyristors (KP series), fast turn-off thyristors (KK series) and rectifier diodes (ZP series), with chip diameters ranging from 0.5 inches to 5 inches. The output current range is 200A to 8500A, and the reverse voltage range of the capsule devices is 400V to 6500V. TECHSEM products are widely used for soft starter, induction heating, welding devices, rectifiers, power supplies and other applications in many industries.

Thyristor / Diode Modules

The power modules made by TECHSEM include various circuit topologies such as single- and dual thyristors (MT and MTC Series) / single- and dual diodes (MD and MDC Series), thyristor-diode-modules (MFC Series). The output current range is from 26A to 570A and the maximum reverse voltage range of the modules is up to 3600V. TECHSEM products are widely used for motor drives, power supply, power transmission and distribution, railway transportation, metal smelting, machinery manufacturing, welding machines, chemical industry, renewable energy, and other applications in many Industries.

Bridge Rectifiers

The three-phase bridge rectifier (MDS series) has the current rating from 50A to 200A. The voltage class is from 800V to 2200V. The typical applications of the TECHSEM bridge rectifiers are supplies for DC power equipment, inverter welder, electric drives and input rectifier, among others.


  • All TECHSEM Products are in full compliance with international standards, providing excellent versatility and substitutability to customers.
  • All TECHSEM power modules have CE and UL (file No. E321159) marking and comply with European RoHS directives
  • All TECHSEM capsules and bridge rectifiers have CE marking and comply with European RoHS directives.
  • 47 years of experience in the development / production of power electronics components
  • Only listed power electronics company in China
  • Market leader in the field of power electronics components in China
  • Certified according to ISO9001:2008; ISO 14001, OHSA 18001
  • Great added value, from wafer & chip factory through to installation of modules and disc cells
  • Renowned local and international reference customers

Techsem are a supplier of leading global brands like Siemens and Huawei. Power Components would be delighted to supply Techsem for your next design. Their wide gate voltage means their components may be a simple drop in for your current application.


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