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Qorvo Exhibiting at APEC

Qorvo® to Showcase Innovations in SPICE Simulation, SiC Modules and Battery Management at APEC 2024

Qorvo will feature the following highlights at APEC 2024:

QSPICE™ Simulation Software Showcase
APEC attendees can experience the next level of simulation with Qorvo’s advanced QSPICE tool during three insightful training sessions and engage in a Q&A with the tool’s creator, Mike Engelhardt. For those unable to attend APEC, the sessions will be available on the Qorvo YouTube channel in March.

Training Session Schedule

  • Tuesday, Feb. 27, 10-10:20 a.m.: The QSPICE User-Interface
  • Tuesday, Feb. 27, 3-3:20 p.m.: Importing 3rd Party Models
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28, 10-10:20 a.m.: Anatomy of a Macro Model Done Right

Launch of Inaugural SiC Module Family
Qorvo will unveil its first SiC module family, featuring an innovative cascode JFET architecture. This highly integrated device family simplifies high-voltage designs and offers exceptional thermal and electrical performance due to low switching losses, low thermal resistance and RDS(on) as low as 9.4mΩ.

Battery Management Demonstrations
Visitors to the booth can see Qorvo’s wireless battery management debut with a demonstration showcasing a remote battery pack monitoring and state of charge solution, created in combination with Qorvo’s IoT microcontroller.

If you have customers visiting APEC in Long Beach, Calif., Feb. 26-28, have them stop by the Qorvo booth to visit with experts in SiC and battery management, and meet the creator of QSPICE simulator, Mike Engelhardt. Going yourself? Visit the APEC page on Seismic for tools to schedule a meeting.

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