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Qorvo Introduction to Simulation in QSPICE

Qorvo Introduction to Simulation in QSPICE

GaN PAs have taken over the high-power final stage of the RF front-end but having a negative gate bias can present design challenges. Read how Qorvo’s power management solutions allow you to overcome these differences and exploit GaN’s unmatched capabilities.

Today, electronic engineers understand GaN technology requires a negative Gate voltage to operate. This was once viewed negatively – no pun intended – but today, there are technologies that make this negative Gate voltage operation insignificant. Today, we have power management integrated circuit (PMIC) devices that can power up and down these GaN PAs easily and reliably – while providing additional benefits we will outline in detail below.

In this blog post, we will discover how the PMIC can be used to design and control RF GaN PA technology in radar, wireless infrastructure, satellite communications and other applications. We will also explore how PMICs help optimize the RF Front-End (RFFE) design for peak performance.

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