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Screw Types K93 – K94 Capacitors With Low ESR

Screw Types K93 – K94 Capacitors With Low ESR

Kendeil combine the low ESR with compact size into the newest series of screw type electrolytic capacitors: K93 and K94.

When power electronics are designed, heat generation has to be managed in an optimum way to achieve the best reliability of the system. The increase in temperature is proportional to the ESR, so a higher ESR produces more heat. Good component selection means that less system cooling will be required and capacitors can be deployed in cooler environments without as much degradation. Also, lower temperatures help to avoid premature equipment failures.

Applications: Designed for professional / industrial applications such as switch mode power suppliers high ripple current converters, motor drives.

Main mechanical features: Surge-proof capacitor in aluminum can with insulation sleeve and integrated safety vent in a reinforced lid. To be mounted with ring clips or with threaded stud.

Main performances features: Compact, Low ESR, High Ripple.

Type Temperature Useful Life Voltage (VDC) Capacitance 
K93 -40 to +85 °C 15,000 hrs @ 85 °C 400 to 450 470 to 15000 µF
K94 -40 to +105 °C 8,000 hrs at 105 °C 400 to 450 470 to 15000 µF

View datasheet for K93 here.

View datasheet for K94 here.

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