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UWB Delivers a Smoother Ride

UWB Delivers a Smoother Ride

Micro-location is essential to digitalizing industrial operations through Industry 4.0, smart factory and LEAN initiatives. Industry strives for two goals – process optimization and safety. UWB provides this in real-time by tying who, what, when and where to people, tools, supplies, good machinery and events. SEG Automotive, a manufacturer of motors and starters for automotive companies globally, answered operational challenges due to manual processes and limited visibility of inventory with UWB factory integration.

When it comes to manufacturing, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology has emerged as a revolutionary tool that offers unparalleled precision in locating products and parts within a facility. While it may seem trivial to know the precise location of a product or part, the significance of this technology goes beyond simple inventory management. UWB is already transforming the future of manufacturing. Operators can optimize processes, enhance safety, and create a real-time digital model of their factories using UWB. These digital models provide a comprehensive understanding of who, what, when, and where in relation to people, tools, supplies, goods, machinery, and events. With real-time insights, operators can simply make more well-informed decisions.

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